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Ceylon puffer questions

General discussion regarding marine and brackish puffers

Ceylon puffer questions

Berichtdoor Lode » 26 jun 2008 08:05

Just got these questions via PM and thought I'd share them here:

I just saw you'r jumping ceylon puffer thread and i have a couple quistions I would like to ask you, if you have the time and wouldn't mind. All of the articles i have read up on them it says they get to be around 8 inches. I am curious to how big Goof got and what size tank got him there. And also i have read a bunch that they should be in full marine as adults. So I'm curious what the salt gravity is in you'r tank? Also what kind of friends does he have in his tank with him and how do they get along when he reached adult hood?

Sure, would love to answer the questions :) :
  • Goof is a little over 15 cm (~6"). He is almost 10 years old and the biggest Ceylon puffer I heard of on the internet. Maybe a male or female grows bigger? But I don't believe he will grow much larger. From up to 10 cm (4") Ceylon puffers grow really slow.
  • The tank size is 150 liters (I think this is ~40 Gallons?)
  • The tank is full marine and has been for many years. The trick is to gradually increase the saltinity and have it at full marine when the puffer is around 10 cm (4").
  • Goof used to be in his aquarium with an F8 when he was younger and later only with another Ceylon. Everything seemed to go well for years, but one morning the other puffer had his eye bitten out by him... At adulthood they are real killers. Currently he even attacks the glass when I walk by. My previous Fahaka was less agressive ;)

If you have more questions, just let me know :)
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