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Pufferforum rules

BerichtGeplaatst: 19 feb 2008 00:02
door Lode
Pufferforum rules

In order to keep the Kogelforum enjoyable for all our users, we ask simply that you follow these minimal rules. By participating on the Kogelforum, you are consenting to these rules.

Subject and posting the topic in the right board.

Each board has a description that tells you which topics can be placed and discussed in that board. When a new topic is placed, use a clear and simple title for the new topic that refers to the context of the topic.
The kogelforum has the right to change subject titles or re-place the topic to the right board.

Content of the posting
The following content in posts is not accepted:

  • insulting, violent language use and attacking of other community members.
  • Political content.
  • Porn, shocking or erotic material.
  • Copied software & illegal media (music, software, movies and so on).
  • Programs or scripts that can cause harm to (other) computers (viruses).
  • Keep calm, don’t shout! Everyone is here to help each other, but in a normal way.

Forum rules
On this forum the following rules have to be followed:

  • Before replying on a thread, read the text of the thread carefully! This can save a lot of irritations.
  • If you want to quote in a reply with a picture in it, please take out the picture in the quote. Otherwise the forum will be filled with the same pictures.
  • Don’t place 2 reply’s after each other.
  • Stay on topic.
  • No all caps (FOR EXAMPLE LIKE THIS) or emoticons in the postings.
  • Please keep your postings consistent with the subject and purpose of the Puffer forum.
  • You are limited to one user account on this forum. Under no circumstances you may create alternate names, assume secondary identities or use someone else’s name for your name.
  • The puffer forum is a discussion board, not a advertising board.
  • The forum is not created to solve argues, so make sure you don’t start any on this forum! Respect is the only way to use this board correct.
  • Don’t post any details About the private life of other members or people.
  • You alone are responsible for the material you post. You may not knowingly post content or links that violates the copyright trademark, patent or other intellectual property.

Editing /closing/removing of topics and postings
In case of any abuse of the above, we have the right (but not the obligation) to edit or remove or otherwise alter any material submitted to or posted on the forum. We further reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to remove a user’s privilege to post content in our discussion forums or even erase the complete user account.

If a member wishes, there can be provided an explanation by mail concerning the reason of editing or removing a post.

Blocking of users
If a user (after the Kogelforum team removed the user account) renews his account, the Kogelforum has the right to remove the new user account immediately without warning. This can however have consequences for other computer, users because the IP adress of the computer (and the rest of his users) is blocked.

If a blocked user wishes, he/she can contact the Kogelforumteam to explain why he/she does not agree with the sanction. This protest against the block action has to be submitted by e-mail.

If a user consists in his behaviour such as insulting, attacking of other community members, discrimination or neglecting the other forum rules as stated above , the Kogelforumteam will inform the authorities concerning the abuse on this forum.

EXCEPTION ON PRIVACY STATEMENT **If a situation as stated above would occur, the Kogelforumteam will provide the autorities with the personal information that is provided to us with your registration. If the autorities claim personal information, content of posts, database, logs or (selected) parts of the content on the Kogelforum site, the Kogelforumteam will provide the asked information if this is obliged by the Dutch law. Before providing the information the Kogelforumteam will do anything in their power, to check if the request is obliged by the Dutch law.

The user alone is responsible for the posted material. The Kogelforum is not responsible for the posted material.
The user will indemnify and affiliates from any and all claims, resulting from any claim brought by any third party related by content the user has posted. The Kogelforumteam tries to “clean” the postings as much as possible from the above stated issues.

The Kogelforum needs some basic personal information during the registering process. U are free to provide this information, and the Kogelforum will treat this information as confidential as possible. The Kogelforum will use this information only for their own administration and guarantees that this information will not be used for any third party ** see exception in the "blocking of users section" **.

The information used in the userprofile can not be seen by guests, but is only visable for other registered Kogelforum members.

The Kogelforum has the right to change this text without providing the reason. Therefore the users can not claim any rights about this text.

The Kogelforumteam

Because the members of the Kogelforumteam can not always be online to check all posts, we like to mention that it would be highly appreciated if any trespassing of the rules would be reported to the Kogelforum moderators or Forum staff.